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L-R: Barbara, Kyle, Barry & Kingsley

Our Melton Family Tree
(and Coker Family Tree)

Kingsley Langer Melton, son, b. 1977, San Francisco, CA
Kyle Langer Melton, son, b. 1986, San Francisco, CA


(Barbara Joy Langer, wife, b. 1946, Norwalk, Connecticut)

Barry Melton, b. 6/14/1947, New York City (Brooklyn), NY


Barry Melton siblings:

Michael Harris Melton, brother, b. September 1941, NY (Brooklyn), NY - d. March 2012
Abigail Elaine Melton, sister, b. August 1959, North Hollywood, CA


Terry (Taube) Kuchuck, mother of Barry Melton,

b. 12/24/1918, Elizabeth, NJ - d. September 1988, Friendly Valley, CA
...Terry was a 1st generation American
and nothing is known about relatives outside of her immediate family

L-R Back row: Archie Herbert, Virginia Epoline, John William, James Gerald; Front row: Archie C. & Ela Melton

Archie C. Melton and Ela Coker were Married on December 27, 1908, in Eustace (near Athens), Henderson County, Texas. The family tree that follows shows something of the history that brought the Melton and Coker families together. The tree begins by tracing the paternal Melton line back to all known ancestors and then traces the Coker family in similar fashion.

Melton Family Line

of James Gerald Melton, father of Barry Melton,
b. 9/6/1912, Eustace [Henderson Cnty.], TX
(d. 5/14/1994, Newhall, CA)

(James Gerald Melton siblings: Archie Herbert Melton (10/2/1909-195?; Virginia Epoline Melton [2/17/1910-1998]; John William Melton [11/3/1916-198?])

Archie C. Melton, father of James Gerald Melton,

b. 9/22/1868, Goshen, AL
(d. 12/4/1962, Henderson Cnty., TX)

(Archie C. Melton siblings: Jonathan [1/5/1867-1916]; Hood [4/20/1870-5/25/1958]; Georgia (Gilbert) 9/20/1873-1/19/1956; Mabel [4/5/1875-6/30/1878]; Bennie (Bols) [7/17/1879-9/3/1961]; James E. "Bud" [10/7/1881-1932]; Martha "Mattie" (Justice) [3/21/1884-7/18/1978]; Thomas J. [9/29/1886-12/23/1910]; John Spencer [2/10/1888-4/8/1964]; Willie Edna (Erickson) [7/17/1889-199?]); Myrtie Iola (Dansby) [4/2/1891-2/7/1978])


John Melton, b. Feb. 10, 1849 - Chesterfield, South Carolina

John Melton, father of Archie C. Melton

B. 2/10/1849 Chesterfield SC � D. 5/8/1925 Henderson Cnty TX

(John Melton siblings: Lewis [1/27/1851-6/9/1891]; Massee (Gardiner) [b-d unk, marr. Steven Gardiner]; Laura [b-d unk]; Thomas [b-d unk, marr. Annie Adams])

Margret Virgina Gardner, wife, [4/1/1849-8/28/1905], born Pike Cnty. AL

(father, Dr. E. Gardner 7/10/1822-12/13/1889; mother, Mary A. Gardner 10/4/1832-1/15/190?; siblings unk.)


Daniel Melton, father of John Melton

B. 1817 - died LaRue, Henderson Cnty, TX , 12/1892

- according to descendants of son John's line, Daniel was born in Ireland - according to descendants of son Lewis' line, Daniel was born in Chesterfield, SC � he remarried Mrs. Mary Killingsworth, presumably after Abigail's death.

Abigail McGuire, first wife of Daniel and mother of his children, [1821-1872], birthplace unknown, prob. Ireland (this may be where the Irish association with Daniel stems from) - buried in Old Goshen Cemetary, Henderson Cnty, TX.


John Melton, father of Daniel Melton

According to a researcher from (or married into) the Lewis Melton (1/27/1851-6/9/1891) family line (Llew McCrea II of Belton, TX), Daniel's father was named John Melton.

- no further details known -

Coker Family Line
of James Gerald Melton, father of Barry Melton,
b. 9/6/1912, Eustace [Henderson Cnty.], TX
(d. 1994, Newhall, CA)

Emma Elaine "Ela" Coker, mother of James Gerald Melton,
b. 5/19/1877, Waycross, GA
(d. 7/12/1958, Henderson Cnty., TX)

(Ela Coker siblings: James Raymond [9/22/1875-6/1/1954]; Nancy Cora [12/19/1878-10/4/1883]; Joseph Henry [12/19/1880-12/13/1974]; William Kellett "Kell" 3/21/1884-1/8/1946; Ause [5/17/1886-5/4/1967]; Albert Sidney [6/6/1888-11/15/1990]; Lochie Jane [12/19/1890-1/26/56]; Ollie May [8/22/1893-5/2/1899]; Travis [5/20/1896-8/1/1899])


James Coker, father of Emma Elaine "Ela" Coker

b. 12/18/1844, GA - d. 9/9/1895, TX - (James Coker siblings: Abner [2/3/1818-1862]; Henry [4/12/1819-2/9/1850]; Drury [4/21/1821-8/13/1850, marr. Malindia Odom]; Harvey G. [12/31/1822-3/28/1850]; Hastings [4/20/1824-8/12/1835]; Nancy [8/26/1825-?, marr. Jim Thomas]; Kellett [3/24/1828-4/17/1856], John [9/25/1829-7/17/1858], Joseph [3/18/1831-12/31/1906, enlisted Co A, 12 Batt, Georgia Light Artillery, CSA on 5/1/1863 in Newman, GA]; Martha "Mat" [1/20/1833-9/11/1921, marr. Col. Harris Woods]; William [12/22/1834-6/22/1901]; Mary [5/31/1837-1896, marr. Thomas "Dock" Driver]; Benjamin Franklin [7/31/1839-1863, died 1863, battle of Chancellorsville]; Robert [12/24/1842, died 1863, battle of Chancellorsville]

Sallie Coker, mother of Emma Elaine "Ela" Coker,

[b. 9/2/1856, Thomasville, GA, d. 9/21/1921, Athens, TX]
- siblings & further details unk. -


Christopher Garlington Coker, father of James Coker,

[b. 5/27/1790, probably Laurens, SC - d. 4/6/1856, AL or GA?]

(Christopher Garlington Coker siblings: One known, but probably more - Nancy (or Ann) Amanda (b. 3/24/1874, married Isaac Dial in 1801 - their son, Captain Garlington Coker Dial founded Marshall, TX)

Martha Babb, mother, [b. 1799 in SC, d. unk.]


William Coker, father of Christoper Garlington Coker,

[b. 1755?, probably Laurens, SC, d. unk.]

(Siblings of William Coker: Drury (marr. Betsy Gray, made will in SC); Thomas D. (d. 1835, Harlan County, KY [Rev. War pension S-30957]; Collins (acc. to Boddie), Calvin or Colvin; John (youngest son); Jeanette (or Jennie), marr. Col. Armstrong)

Elizabeth Honoria "Betsy" Garlington, mother of Christopher Garlington Coker,

[b. 1729, d. 1805, siblings unk.]
"Betsy" was the daughter of Christopher Garlington and Elizabeth Conway. Conway was the daughter of Edwin Conway III [b. 1681] and Anne Ball [b. 1686]. Anne Ball's father, Joseph Ball, was George Washington's grandfather [the father of Mary Ball, George Washington's mother]


Joseph Coker, father of William Coker,

[b. 1735?, VA?]
(Siblings of Joseph Coker: John (said to be the John with sons William, Samuel and Joseph in Christian, KY); Priscilla (marr. cousin Thomas Coker, son was Lt. Thomas Coker of Mars Bluff, Revolutionary War); William (of Old Cheraws, SC); James (said to be of Gresnsville Co. VA); Robert (of Laurens, SC); Honour (marr. Drury Smith); Mary (marr. - Floyd)

Virginia (or Mary) Aldridge, mother of William Coker, (no details)

William was first born son


John Coker, Jr., father of Joseph Coker, [b. about 1700?, VA]

(Siblings (partial): Thomas (marr. Olive, daughter of Thomas Ward); Robert; Richard; Magdalen

Priscilla Geddings, mother of Joseph Coker, was daughter of James Geddings

son Joseph was one of 5 sons, also had 3 daughters


John Coker, Sr., father of John Coker, Jr.,

[b. 1680?, VA]
(John, Sr., was his parents' [William & Margaret's] only son)

Jane Bennett, mother of John Coker, Jr., was daughter of Richard Bennett


William Coker, father of John Coker, Sr.

[b. 1660?, VA]

Margaret Cartwright, mother of John Coker, Sr. was daughter of Caleb Carwright, who witnessed John Rolfe's will in Jamestown


John Coker, father of William Coker,

[dates unk., possibly born in England]

(On 4/20/1684, John Coker received a grant of 400 acres and one year later [4/20/1685] 1,450 acres on Cypress Swamp of ye main backwater in lower Parish of Surry, VA. William, his only son, was then over the age of 16 years.)

Margaret Coker, mother of William Coker, (of Lawnes Creek Parish, Surry, VA - sold 450 acres to Richard Bennett on 3/3/1687)

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